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This Land is Your Land

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This Land is Your Land
By Catherine Ciocchi
Illustrated by Cathy Morrison
Arbordale Publishing, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-62855-5578

Reviewed by Anna Dogole - July 13, 2015

Archipelagos, canyons, islands, mountains, peninsulas, and plateaus are a few of the many landforms that readers will discover within the pages of This Land is Your Land. Written by Catherine Ciocchi, this book introduces young readers, ages 4-8, to the diverse range of landforms that exists. Although presented in a standard, 32-page children's picture book format, this book is much more than your typical picture book...

The text is written in a rhyming meter that is energetic and catchy. In addition, the text is accompanied by colorful and engaging illustrations by Cathy Morrison. These illustrations will captivate pre-readers and enhance the text for young readers. Most important, the information in this book is accurate, and it has been verified by a geologist. So while readers are enjoying a lively story they are also learning some fundamental concepts related to geology and geography.

The text is also enhanced by the inclusion of four pages of learning activities that are not only fun, but which also reinforce the information touched upon in the text. Also, additional learning activities that are aligned with the text, as well as teaching resources, can be found online at: www.ArbordalePublishing.com. There you can also find out about the other formats that this book is offered in including a Spanish language edition, and an interactive eBook version.

The combination of an entertaining and graphically pleasing book along with educational resources that will not only serve in a classroom setting, but which will also provide guidance for any adult (a parent, scout leader, camp counselor, etc...) who is seeking to share the geological wonders of our world with younger children. Best of all, This Land is Your Land is a book which will encourage children to explore and better understand the world around them.

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