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Why Do Dogs Shed?

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Why Do Dogs Shed?
By Rochelle Caviness

All fur-bearing creatures shed, including humans. As older hairs stop growing, they are sloughed of in order to make room for new hair. The type of animal, their general health, and their genetic makeup, in part, determines how often this occurs. Genetics not only affects the shedding cycle, but it also determines how fast, or even if, the hair will regrow.

Anatomy of Your Dog's Fur

A dog's coat actually consists of three different types of fur, all of which are shed on a regular basis.

Why do Dogs Shed?

In general, the shedding cycle in dogs in determined by the amount of light that they are exposed to. As the days lengthen in the spring, this triggers the shedding of their undercoat. All dogs shed, even those mutant looking hairless dogs, such as the Peruvian hairless dogs. This is because while they may appear hairless, they do in fact have very fine coats.

Preventing Shedding

It is impossible to prevent a dog from shedding. However, it is possible to reduce the nuisance that it can cause. Your goal is simple. It is to try to remove any loose hairs from your dog - before they fall off and take over your house.

Shaving your Dog

Many people like to shave their dogs in the summer. They mistakenly believe that this will help keep their dogs cooler, and that it will prevent shedding. While it may minimize the amount of fur that you must sweep up, it can do more harm than good.

What to do with all that shedded fur?

Don't throw it away - Recycle It!

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