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Maryland's Geology

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Maryland's Geology
By Martin F. Schmidt, Jr.
Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. (2010)
ISBN: 978-0-7643-3593-8

Reviewed by Anna Dogole - May 4, 2015

Maryland's Geology is a handy guide book to keep in your car if you ever travel through Maryland, or if you just happen to live there. Written by Martin F. Schmidt, Jr., a high school science teacher in Maryland, the writing in this guide is easy to understand, yet detailed enough to enthrall even those with a degree in geology. You do not, however, need any sort of science or geology background to understand this book. Schmidt explains all the technical terms he uses and he discusses the geological process with a clarity that is seldom found in texts suitable for lay readers.

In his discussion of Maryland's geology, Schmidt provides a concise overview of the fundamentals of geology and the geologic process. He details the various landforms found in Maryland, and how Maryland's landscape was formed. He also covers Maryland's geologic history, its geological resources, and the geologic hazards that exist.

Although the focus of this book is on Maryland, this text will prove ideal for anyone seeking to gain an understanding of the basics of physical and historical geology, and much of the information contained in this book is also applicable to regions bordering Maryland where you can find many of the same geological formations and processes. Throughout, Schmidt has included maps, diagrams, charts, tables, and other illustrations that expand upon the text.

Despite its small size, Maryland actually has a very diverse geologic countenance, ranging from the coast line to sections of the Appalachian Mountain range. This cross-section of geologic features makes Maryland an ideal location from which to study the fundamentals of geology, and an area where students, rock and mineral collectors, and other interested parties can study a range of geological processes and collect a wide variety of specimens. The geology of Maryland also teaches students about geologic time, plate tectonics, and geological processes such as weathering and the hydrologic cycle, as well as the effect of sea level changes. The end result is an educational book that will prove edifying to readers of all ages, and it is a book that will serve both as a reference book and as a guide book to take with you as your tour the state.

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