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Subject Index: Basic Geology

The Amateur Geologist: Learning Chemistry for Free, by Richard S. Rodgers.
A look at UCI's free Open Chemistry program that gives the self-learner the opportunity to take a range of chemistry courses, from an introductory course all the way through some graduate level chemistry courses.

Chemical Fundamentals of Geology and Environmental Geoscience, 3e, by Robin Gill.
This introductory chemistry book focuses upon those elements of chemistry that are most relevant to the study of geology and environmental geoscience. It assumes no prior background in chemistry and it is suited for use in the classroom and as a refresher course for more mature students.

Coal Geology, 2e, by Larry J. Thomas.
A remarkably concise, yet relatively nontechnical, overview of coal geology. This book covers a broad range of topics from the physical qualities of coal and where it can be found to coal mining and using coal as an 'alternative' energy source.

Geology for Dummies, by Alecia M. Spooner.
Spooner offers an outstanding introduction to the fundamentals of geology in her book Geology for Dummies. This book is ideal for use by independent learners, as well as a review text or study guide for students taking an introductory geology course.

Geology Super Review, by the Staff of Research & Education Association.
This is a handy review guide that covers the fundamentals of both physical and historical geology. It is perfect for those just looking for a general overview of the subject, as well as, for both high school and college, who are looking for a study guide on basic geology.

Introduction to Radioactive Minerals, by Robert Lauf.
Focusing on uranium and thorium, this book provides an excellent introduction to radioactive minerals, including how they are formed, mined, and used. It also provides advice on how and where you can collect them.

Maryland's Geology, by Martin F. Schmidt, Jr.
Schmidt provides a comprehensive, yet highly readable, over view of Maryland's geology and the geologic forces that sculpted its landscape.

Visualizing Geology, 4e, by Barbara W. Murck and Brian J. Skinner.
This textbook offers non-science majors a basic introduction to the fundamentals of geology and earth system science. Chocked full of full-color illustrations, this book is ideal for visual learns.

Volcanoes:FireandLife, by Jon Chad.
Volume 3 in the Science Comics Series, Volcanoes:FireandLife is a graphic novel that teaches young readers about Volcanoes through the guise of a riveting story about a young girl whose tribe lives on a frozen Earth where they struggle to find enough things to burn to stay warm, a world in which only Aurora has discovered that volcanoes might be their only hope for survival - if she can get anyone to listen to her...

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