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Exploring the Geology of the Carolinas, by Kevin G. Steward and Mary-Russell Roberson.
An outstanding field guide to Carolinian geology that covers thirty-six different sites across the Blue Ridge, Piedmont, and Coastal Plain of both North and South Carolina.

Hiking Shenandoah National Park, 4e, by Bert and Jane Gildart.
A detailed hiking guide that covers 59 different hikes within the geological unique Shenandoah National Park. The hikes have difficultly levels ranging from easy to strenuous, and they include both day hikes and overnight trips.

Iowa's Minerals: Their Occurrence, Origins, Industries, and Lore, by Paul Garvin.
Informative and engaging, Iowa's Minerals is a book that provides a detailed, yet a highly accessible overview of Iowa's minerals, along with information on collecting and identifying these varied minerals.

Maryland's Geology, by Martin F. Schmidt, Jr.
Schmidt provides a comprehensive, yet highly readable, over view of Maryland's geology and the geologic forces that sculpted its landscape.

Mineral Treasures of the Ozarks, by Bruce L. Stinchcomb.
Part travel guide, and part collecting guide, this book provides a lively survey of the Mississippi Valley Type (MVT) minerals found in the Ozark Highlands, including galena, quartz, agates, barite, zinc, copper, cobalt, nickel, iron, calcite, dolomite, fluorite, and many more.

The Modern Rockhounding and Prospecting Handbook, by Garret Romaine.
A fun to read, and use, guidebook on the ins-and-outs of rock, fossil, and meteorite collecting, as well as offering insights into prospecting for gold. This handy guide also offers tips on getting outfitted for your rock collecting expeditions, and displaying your new treasures once you get them home.

Ohio Rocks! A Guide to Geologic Sites in the Buckeye State, by Albert B. Dickas.
A delightful guide to fifty geological sites in Ohio, most of which are public access sites and which are family-friendly! Along the way you also learn about the geologic history of Ohio and you get to view some marvelous pictures of the sites you can visit throughout the state.

Roadside Geology of Ohio, by Mark J. Camp.
Featuring twenty-five self-guided driving tours that crisscross the state. The Roadside Geology of Ohio provides travelers with a detailed overview of Ohio's geology and key points of geologic interest found throughout the state. It includes detailed maps of both the routes and the geology you will be traveling through.

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