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Dino Tracks, by Rhonda Lucas Donald.
Learn about the tracks left behind by dinosaurs, and what scientists can learn from these traces, in this delightful 32-page children's book. This is the first in a two-part series that introduces children to the world of paleontology.

Dino Treasures, by Rhonda Lucas Donald.
In this delightful children's book, Donald explores the world of paleontology by describing some of the items and information that scientists have learned about dinosaurs from their fossilized and trace remains.

Julie the Rockhound, by Gail Langer Karwoski.
When Julie finds a crystal behind her house, her dad teaches her all about quartz crystals and starting Julie on her quest to become a full-fledge rockhound. For kids in grades K-4.

Magnetic Magic, by Terry Catasús Jennings.
A 32-page picture book that teaches young children about magnetism, magnets, the north magnetic pole, how a compass works, and so, so much more!

Pandas' Earthquake Escape, by Phyllis J. Perry.
When an earthquake devastating their panda sanctuary, LiLing and her cub Tengfei are forced to flee. This educational children's picture book teaches kids about both earthquakes and pandas, and it provides educational activities for further study.

This Land is Your Land, by Catherine Ciocchi.
This is an innovative book that teaches children ages 4-8 about landforms and basic geological structures. Told in rhyme, this picture book is ideal for young readers and as a read-out-loud book for pre-readers.

Volcanoes: Fire and Life, by Jon Chad.
Volume 3 in the Science Comics Series, Volcanoes: Fire and Life is a graphic novel that teaches young readers about Volcanoes through the guise of a riveting story about a young girl whose tribe lives on a frozen Earth where they struggle to find enough things to burn to stay warm, a world in which only Aurora has discovered that volcanoes might be their only hope for survival - if she can get anyone to listen to her...

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