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The Complete Dinosaur, edited by M. K. Brett-Surman, Thomas R. Holtz, Jr., and James O. Farlow.
What do we know about dinosaurs, and how do we know it? How did dinosaurs grow, move, eat, and reproduce? Were they warm-blooded or cold-blooded? These and many more questions are answered in The Complete Dinosaur.

Dino Tracks, by Rhonda Lucas Donald.
Learn about the tracks left behind by dinosaurs, and what scientists can learn from these traces, in this delightful 32-page children's book. This is the first in a two-part series that introduces children to the world of paleontology.

Dino Treasures, by Rhonda Lucas Donald.
In this delightful children's book, Donald explores the world of paleontology by describing some of the items and information that scientists have learned about dinosaurs from their fossilized and trace remains.

Dragon Hunter: Roy Chapman Andrews and the Central Asiatic Expeditions, by Charles Gallenkamp.
A real life Indiana Jones, Andrews may have actually been the model for this fictional character. While this book offers the reader a comprehensive overview of Andrews life and work, the main focus of this biography is Andrews' expeditions to Central Asia, which took place between 1922 and 1930.

Fossils of West Virginia, by Dr. Hassan Amjad
A two-volume set that details the fossil history of West Virginia. Enhanced by more than 1,000 illustrations, this set provides a visual record of the fossils most commonly found throughout the state. In addition, it provides a concise overview of the geological and fossil history of West Virginia, and related topics.

Iowa's Geological Past: Three Billion Years of Change, by Wayne I. Anderson.
A detailed and readable overview of the historical geology of Iowa, revealed one layer at a time starting during the Precambrian epoch and continuing through the last great ice age that occurred during the Cenozoic period.

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