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The Amateur Geologist: Learning Chemistry for Free, by Richard S. Rodgers. A look at UCI's free Open Chemistry program that gives the self-learner the opportunity to take a range of chemistry courses, from an introductory course all the way through some graduate level chemistry courses.

ASBOG Exam Flashcard Study System, from Mometrix Test Preparation.
These flashcards will help you learn and review the information you need to know in order to pass the ASBOG Fundamentals of Geology (FG) and the ASBOG Practice of Geology (PG) examinations.

ASBOG Exam Secrets Study Guide, from Mometrix Test Preparation.
A handy study guide that presents the core concepts that you need to know in order to pass the ASBOG Fundamentals of Geology (FG) and the ASBOG Practice of Geology (PG) examinations.

Ashen Sky, by Benedicte Gilman.
The Letters of Pliny the Younger and the Eruption of Vesuvius, with illustrations by Barry Moser.

Chemical Fundamentals of Geology and Environmental Geoscience, 3e, by Robin Gill.
This introductory chemistry book focuses upon those elements of chemistry that are most relevant to the study of geology and environmental geoscience. It assumes no prior background in chemistry and it is suited for use in the classroom and as a refresher course for more mature students.

Coal Geology, 2e, by Larry J. Thomas.
A remarkably concise, yet relatively nontechnical, overview of coal geology. This book covers a broad range of topics from the physical qualities of coal and where it can be found to coal mining and using coal as an 'alternative' energy source.

Collecting Fluorescent Minerals, by Stuart Schneider
This book offers an informative introduction to finding and collecting fluorescent minerals. The bulk of this book consists of around 870 color photos showing various rocks pictured in natural daylight, followed by one or more pictures showing the same rock under an ultraviolet light, highlighting the fluorescent minerals in the rock.

Collector's Guide to the Amphibole Group, by Robert J. Lauf.
With more than 130 full-color illustrations and an in-depth overview of the various species that comprise the amphibole group, this book provides both collectors and professionals with an edifying introduction to this complex and often beautiful group of minerals.

Collector's Guide to the Zeolite Group, by Robert J. Lauf.
Filled with more than 200 stunning color photographs, this book provides a survey of 62 zeolite mineral series. It also provides information on what zeolites are, how they are formed, and where they can be found.

Colored Gemstones, by Antoinette Matlins.
The Antoinette Matlins Buying Guide. How to Select, Buy, Care for & Enjoy Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies and other colored Gems with Confidence and Knowledge.

The Complete Dinosaur, edited by M. K. Brett-Surman, Thomas R. Holtz, Jr., and James O. Farlow.
What do we know about dinosaurs, and how do we know it? How did dinosaurs grow, move, eat, and reproduce? Were they warm-blooded or cold-blooded? These and many more questions are answered in The Complete Dinosaur.

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